Metamora Indiana Aquaduct
Metamora, Indiana Chili Cook-off - First Saturday in November
Chili Cook-off Official Rules and Regulations
  1. Meat may be pre-cooked, but not pre-seasoned in any form.  No other ingredients are to be chopped or added prior to commencement of official cook-off (no pre-seasoned sausage).  Pasta and beans are discouraged.

  2. Regular commercial chili powder is permissible, but complete commercial chili mixes are not permitted.  Thickeners such as corn meal, flour etc., are permissible.

  3. 3. Each team will provide all ingredients, utensils, and accessories necessary to cook chili. This includes water for cooking, cook stoves, and fuel. Outside cooking is allowed.

  4. 4. Each head chef will be responsible for cooking not less than one (1) gallon of chili and turning in one (1) cup of chili for judging. Judging cups will be supplied. NOTE: More than one gallon of chili is encouraged for winning Peoples Choice Award.

  5. Cooking will take place at the Firehouse from 7:00 a.m. to 12 noon at which time samples will be gathered for judging. After all samples have been gathered you will be given permission to start selling your chili for the Peoples Choice Award.

  6. 6. At no time should you leave cooking chili unattended (for safety and integrity reasons).

  7. 7. Each contestant will be assigned a contestant number by the Chief Judge. This number will be used throughout the contest.

  8. 8. Judging will take place off-site starting at 12 noon. Peoples Choice sales begin after judging chili has been collected.

  9. 9. People’s Choice awards are determined by how much chili each contestant can sell to the public. The more chili you make the more you can sell to get votes.

  10. 10. All cooking must be done in a sanitary manner. Conditions are subject to inspection by the Chief Judge. Failure to comply is subject to disqualification of the team.

By entering the chili cook-off you are agreeing to follow all the chili cook-off requirements, rules & regulations.  Anyone not following these chili cook-off requirements, rules & regulations will be disqualified and will forfeit the entry fee.